Latest Recipes
Salads are always good but this recipe, from the Laughing Spatula, is especially refreshing in the summer with the mandarin orange slices and who doesn't like bacon.
Pickled eggs have roots in Pennsylvania Dutch cooking brought over from Europe, and early farmers in Appalachia took to them as a way to preserve foods that could be eaten months later. 
Alfredo Sauce (Copycat Olive Garden Recipe)
Drizzle this sauce over your al dente linguini or penne.  Change it up by adding in some grilled chicken, prosciutto, shrimp, mushrooms or broccoli.  Quick, easy and delicious.
Whether for a quick, easy, and tasty lunch or dinner, these sloppy joes hit the spot.
Simple Cucumber & Onion Salad
Fresh summer cucumbers make a refreshing side dish to any meal.
Bacon & Egg Macaroni Salad
A must have side dish at summer cook outs.
Ham and Bean Soup
A great way to use up that left over holiday ham.
This was the main course yesterday.  In the Pennsylvania Mountains, when its 22 degrees out and the wind is howling, this hits the spot.  Great with a nice tossed salad and a loaf of crusty French bread.
Texas Caviar
Great with tortilla chips
Black Bean and Avocado Dip
When your looking for a few appetizers for game days or parties, this ones always a hit. 
Jalapeno cilantro cream sauce
Good on Fajitas, Tamales and anything else you want to add a little zip to
Curry Chicken Salad
This is my absolute favorite chicken salad recipe.