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This is a Venezuelan 100 Bolivares note.  I got one in the mail today.  I looked up the exchange rate vs the US Dollar.  To buy one US dollar, you would need 2,841,610,000 of these 100 Bolivares notes.  No, there is no misplaced decimal point in that number.  It would take over 2.8 Billion of these 100 Bolivares notes to equal the value of one US dollar.  Yes, I said Billion.

If you think it can't happen in America, you are mistaken. Democrats are printing money and handing it out like Halloween candy,  Ironically, a single piece of Halloween candy has more value than that Venezuelan 100 Bolivares note. When they print money in Venezuela, it literally devalues the paper it's printed on.  Democrats call the multi-trillion dollar money handout, the "American Rescue Plan". American Rescue Plan my ass.  When you print trillions of dollars and put them into circulation, the dollars in your pocket lose value, and Democrats have put the US Dollar on a trajectory that may one day match that of the Venezuelan Bolivar. Don't take my word for it, keep an eye on the value of the US dollar as Democrats spend money.  If you want your hard-earned dollars to be worth something, you had better make some wise voting choices in 2022.