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Corruption should be Chuck Schumer's middle name.  Talk about being in it for the money!  The people of New York, if they really take a hard look at this man, would surely send him packing in 2022.  Those who think he's in government for the good of the people, would be sadly disappointed to find he's in it for the money and power.  His annual tour of 62 New York counties is a small price to pay for raking in political money.  New Yorkers shouldn't be fooled.

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Do you think Hunter Biden would target Schumer or Cuomo to help in his energy scheme if he wasn't confident they'd be willing partners?

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The Democratic Party has turned into the Party of Hate.  They seek vengeance on anyone that helped President Trump to be elected in 2016.  There doesn't appear to be a cure for it, as the hate continues even after Donald Trump has left the White House.  So much for Biden's election campaign comments and promises to bring unity back to the country.