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Unfortunately Stansbury won the June 1st 2021 Special Election for New Mexico District 1.  Her term will expire January 17th, 2023.  Hopefully, Republicans will do better in November 2022.  While it was a long shot for Republicans to win this seat, they need to be persistent and pay close attention to the agenda radicals like Stansbury push.  

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Getting a Republican into this New Mexico seat was a long shot.  Hopefully, we do better in 2022. Stansbury ran in total support of Biden's agenda.  You would think, the American people would be crying uncle by now.  Biden policies have our border in crisis, major job losses, people refusing to go back to work because they're getting more on unemployment, high prices at the tank, in the grocery store, etc.  The Biden administration can't print money fast enough and your dollar is worth less every day.