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The fact that Democrat Shontel Brown was backed by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the Black Congressional Congress in the 2021 Primary for Ohio's District 11 seat in the House of Representative speaks volumes.  An endorsement from Hillary Clinton, whose outrageous lack of response to the Benghazi attack, her bleach bit and destruction of computers she was requested to turn over, her questionable actions with The Clinton Foundation, etc. is not one I'd want.  Biden's disastrous policies to date which include his open border policy creating chaos at our southern border, an influx of illegal drugs, cartel members, and other questionable people flowing unchecked into this country and his poor planning of a withdrawal of US troops, American citizens, and Afghani interpreters, etc. from Afghanistan are just a few of his bad decisions putting our country into a death spiral and have foreign leaders either shaking their heads or laughing.  Do these endorsements reflect who Shontel Brown is?  I won't comment on the Black Caucus endorsement, as we seem to be in a period anti white people.  Somehow that white privilege missed me!  The Establishment Democrats (DC Swamp) are very confident that Republican challenger Laverne Gore doesn't stand a chance of winning in November.  I hope District 11 Ohioans will prove them wrong.  This election has nothing to do with Trump but it does concern putting Americans first; not last.

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